Shabab Leather’s philosophy has been, and remains, that quality products are classic in style and should last you a lifetime. Our customers are a part of the Shabab’s family. With this in mind, we are focused on providing all those who purchase our leather goods with the highest quality of materials, craftsmanship, and service–we wouldn’t want anything less.

Our team and factories manufacture a variety of products in every type of leather. We have worked on projects simple to complex and our expertise in materials and finishing techniques helps clients to create the right level of quality at competitive price point. Shabab Leather has immense leather goods manufacturing capability with experienced managers who are very expert in this field. Our Vision is to make impact on the country’s future economic success more widely, creating a broad base of prosperity.

Our policy is made for customer satisfaction with finest quality products and services as well as ethical and environment support, based on strong communication and time management. We always keep our commitment & take responsibility of our dedication for services. We committed for excellence and we believe that excellence comes from honesty. So honesty is our vital policy.

We maintain global standard in our production process. We select high quality raw material which is then processed by expert technician with the help of most advanced technologies. Our advanced production process gives us the right to introduce the products as a premium one.

Our strong IT department works very hard for the update according to clients requirement. We always maintain friendly environment in our factory so that no offensive circumstances occur which may hamper our commitment. We offer our international buyers to visit our factory so that they can gather knowledge about manufacturing leather products. We arrange the tour with free of cost. When they visit us we arrange accommodation and take good care of them. Because we believe in buyer satisfaction. Often we give them surprise gift for appreciating their wonderful participation. We supply high quality own named packing. We are simple but unique in our full range of facilities.

Our final quality inspection is done according to world-recognized standards. This step ensures that only qualified products reach the hands of our customers. Each finished side is clearly marked and graded. Tests are also conducted on all finished leather according to set specifications . Further guaranteeing the final product quality and consistency.